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Whether used manually or with computer control, a rotary table adds a tremendous amount of functionality to your mill. A rotary table makes it possible to mill round parts that would be too large or otherwise difficult to make on a small lathe. You can also radius the ends of a part or cut inside radii when making spokes of a wheel. In addition, circular hole patterns are a breeze, and the number of divisions is virtually unlimited, unlike when using dividing plates with fixed numbers of holes.

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P/N 3700 4″ Manual Rotary Table
Regularly $283.50, Save $56.70, Now only $226.80

The rotary table has four T-slots in the top surface for the attachment of a Sherline mill vise, collet holder or hold-down clamps to secure your part for machining. Included are two angle clamps, T-nuts and screws that fit in the groove running around the table’s base. Two more T-nuts and screws secure the rotary table to the mill using holes in a flange extending from the worm housing. Also included is a threaded fixture that screws into the center hole of the table, allowing you to thread on any of Sherline’s 3-jaw or 4-jaw chucks with a 3/4-16 thread. A center hole 3/16″ in diameter extends all the way through the table.

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P/N 3700-CNC 4″ CNC-Ready Rotary Table
Regularly $336.00, Save $67.20, Now only $268.80

The 3700-CNC rotary table with stepper motor mount is available for those building their own CNC systems and wishing to add a 4th axis using their own choice of stepper motors. Any NEMA 23 motor can be installed on the mount. Sherline offers stepper motor P/N 67130 that comes with 6 raw wire leads to wire into your own system if you choose. (Note that the CNC-ready rotary table cannot be used manually until a stepper motor is installed, as there is no shaft for the attachment of a handwheel.)

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P/N 8730 4″ Rotary Table with NEMA 23 Stepper Motor
Regularly $417.75, Save $82.95, Now only $331.80

You can also buy the rotary table with a NEMA 23 stepper motor already installed and ready to plug in. Sherline’s ┬áP/N 67127 stepper motor plugs directly into the Sherline 8760 CNC driver box or indexing controller. It comes with a 5-PIN connector pre-installed ready to plug in. The stepper motors mentioned here and above have a through shaft for the attachment of a handwheel so they can be used manually as well as with computer control.

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P/N 8700 Programmable CNC Rotary Indexer
Regularly $761.25, Save $152.25, Now only $609.00

Dividing a circle into divisions or degrees is possible with a manual rotary table, but adding a programmable controller and stepper motor makes the job really easy. No more counting handwheel turns and no more math means less mistakes. All you do is enter the number of divisions in the DIVISIONS mode (from 1 to 999) or the number of degrees in the DEGREES mode (to 3 decimal places), hit ENTER, and the programmable chip in the keypad does the rest. Each time you hit the NXT (Next) button, it advances exactly the programmed amount. Hit the PRV (Previous) button and it returns to the last position. Continuous rotation can be achieved by entering zero in the DIVISIONS mode. What could be easier?

Included with the 4″ rotary indexer, stepper motor and keypad is a 6′ extension cable for operating the box further from the indexer, a daisy chain cable for interfacing with another 8700 and a 110 VAC power supply.

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