8100/8160 3-axis Mill DRO (120 V)


3-axis DRO and RPM gauge for Mill, 120 VAC

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About the Mill Digital Readout and RPM Gauge

Digital readout RPM gauge installed on a Sherline Mill

Most full-size shop mills used by machinists are now available with a digital readout. They are popular because they make your life as a machinist much easier. Readouts on the X- Y- and Z-axes can be reset to zero at any time with the push of a button. From there, as you move the handwheels, you can read the table position to 3-1/2 decimal places (.0005″) on the digital readout. (Metric versions read to .01mm.) You no longer need to count handwheel revolutions or make difficult calculations when cranking in a negative number. Kit includes two 2″ handwheels with encoders for X- and Y-axes and a 2.5″ handwheel/encoder unit for the Z-axis. Also included: digital readout box with LCD display, RPM sensor, power supply, cables, stand and all necessary mounting hardware. No hole drilling required to mount.

As long as we were designing the electronics package, we went the extra step to include an RPM readout, adding an additional function to the package. The sensors are easy to install and require no modification of your Sherline mill. A two-axis DRO package is also available for the lathe as P/N 8200. A three-axis package for using the lathe with the vertical milling column can be purchased, or a third axis can be added later if you add the vertical milling column to your lathe. For those with both a lathe and a mill, the electronic readout box can be shared between both machines to offer cost savings if you buy just the additional handwheels and cables for the second machine.

240 Volt versions available

For countries that use 220-240 volt electrical current, the 8100-240 or 8160-240 version should be ordered. It is somewhat more costly because the 240 volt transformer is more expensive for us to purchase.

NOTE: The DRO can be ordered on any new machine as a factory installed option. The digital readout handwheels replace the standard handwheels that would normally come with the machine. If you purchase a machine with factory installed DRO, the regular handwheels are not included. If you purchase the DRO as a separate option and install it yourself, you will have the stock handwheels left over.

USE WITH CNC: Though not designed to provide feedback to Sherline CNC machines as a closed-loop system, it can be adapted for use on the rear shaft of Sherline stepper motors for use as a separate readout. See DRO on CNC page for instructions.

Other Purchasing Options:

8200 2-axis Lathe DRO
8100-240/8160-240 3-axis Mill DRO (240 V)

The improper use of machine tools and their accessories can result in serious injury. Before using this tool, thoroughly read the instructions and make sure you understand its proper and safe use.


Always wear safety glasses when operating machine tools.

Download PDF 8100 Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

40440 #2 X 1/4″ Pan Hd Sheet Metal Screw
45013 5-40 X 3/8″ Flat Skt Cap Screw
81010 DRO Readout Box (Complete) Assembly
81080 (3) Black Tie 4″ Wrap
81100 Encoder Units (Tested) w/Cable Assembly
81150 DRO Stand
81270 2-56 X 3/8″ Phillips Pan M/S Stl Blk
81280 #2 X 3/8″ Pan Head Self-Tapping Screw
81300 (2) DRO X/Y Axis Thrust Collar Assembly
81320 DRO X Axis Handwheel Assembly (P/N 81322 metric)
81330 DRO Y-Axis Handwheel Assembly (P/N 81332 metric)
81340 DRO Z-Axis Handhweel Assembly (P/N 81342 metric)
8150 DRO RPM Package Assembly