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NEW PRODUCT! (March 2017)

Pool Cue Live Center P/N 1182PC

We designed this center at the request of some of our customers who use our machines (or modifications of our machines) to make pool cues. They needed a live center with an extended nose, to give them room for their cutters. Thie extended nose allows them to start cutting from the tip of the pool cue without needing extra material to hold onto.

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NEW PRODUCT! (February 2017)

Laser Engraving Tilting Angle Table P/N 3750-LAZ

We designed this tilting angle table for laser engraving because we realize that most laser engraving shops don’t have access to a machine shop that can make special fixtures for their parts. The table includes a dozen steel dowel pins for locating parts, and the bottom half of the holes are tapped so you can use hold-down clamps.


New from dPP Engineering Work with your Sherline controller seamlessly from your Windows®-based Laptop/Desktop USB port (1/6/17)

Use your own laptop or desktop via the USB port with Sherline’s CNC controller P/N 8760
This new controller supports both MACH3 and MACH4 software, whereas previous controllers were dedicated to one software or the other. Moreover, the execution speed is faster than before, especially for MACH4 users. Additional features, such as threading and gear cutting, are easier to implement (spindle speed decoders and PWM are required for the latter).

This USB device is designed specifically for use with CNC machines with existing LPT (parallel printer) port-based control signals input connector. It allows for a quick migration from the LPT to the USB bus. Although small, the device is adjustable and requires no complex knowledge of device programming.

Please visit discount.campus.com for more details regarding the price, features, and requirements of this item.



For all of you planning to attend the 2017 Cabin Fever Expo January 14, 15 in Lebanon, PA please visit Sherline’s booth (N25). We will be demonstrating our largest mill yet, the 5800 NexGen. If you are attending don’t forget to ask about our Show Special. For more info on the expo, see the Cabin Fever website at www.cabinfeverexpo.com.

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NEW PRODUCT! (January 2017)

5/8″ Gang-Tooling Tool Post P/N 5935

Our new 5/8″ gang-tooling tool post is similar to our 3/8″ gang-tooling tool post, but it allows customers to use ER16 collet holders with a 5/8″ shank. Like the 3/8″ holder, it also can also hold up to four tools with a known centerline-to-centerline distance of 1.500″.

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NEW PRODUCT! (December 2016)

3/8″ Gang-Tooling Tool Post P/N 5930

Our new gang-tooling tool post was designed specifically for our customers who want to convert their Sherline lathe into a “Chucker Lathe” or gang-tooling lathe. The gang-tooling tool post offers a convenient and accurate way to hold up to four tools with a known centerline-to-centerline distance of 1.500″. This tool post has (4) 3/8″ holes to hold boring bars, drill chucks, or tool bushings with two locking screws for each tool (tools not included).

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NEW PRODUCT! (December 2016)

4″ Reverse Rotary Table P/N 3700-OP

The reverse rotary table is perfect for using on the tilting angle table (P/N 3750). The reverse mount allows access to the handwheel from the front of the machine. If you used a standard rotary table in the previously described set-up the handwheel would be mounted facing the backside of the X-axis. It is also available in CNC-Ready configuration, P/N 3700-CNC-OP.

Finished cubes in aluminum and brass

NEW PRODUCT! (December 2016)

Jack-in-a-Box Puzzle Kit P/N J1000

Here’s a fun project that you can make on your Sherline mill that will amaze your friends. When done, a tiny jack is contained inside a cube with a hole in it. How did they get in there? How was it made? Producing the finished cube requires a series of drilling and boring processes explained in the step-by-step illustrated instructions that come with the kit.

Shipping and storing configuration

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NEW PRODUCT! (October 2016)

5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Weight Scale P/N LM5

We made this scale at the request of several of our customers who own fifth-wheel trailers. This scale is a modified version of our original Trailer Tongue Weight Scale. However, it is specifically designed to attach to most fifth-wheel trailer hitches. The piston has also been modified to accept the standard 2-13/16″ diameter kingpin and the locating pin is for hitches that accept the standard 2-13/16″ kingpin.

Duro UAS Chief Ocean Engineer Dr. Richard Sheryll and Mechanical Engineer Disha Barua assembling a Sherline 2000 CNC Mill. Click on image for a larger view.

Sherline Products is proud to announce its sponsorship of Duro UAS.

Duro builds “eco-drones” like the Harbor AUV, one of the first autonomous underwater vehicles dedicated to urban coastal mapping and environmental data collection. Students will be using a Sherline 2000 mill to make parts for the AUV. To learn more about Sherline’s collaboration with Duro UAS CLICK HERE, or to learn more about Duro UAS visit their website at durouas.com. You can also visit our new Engineering Support page to view more stories about how Sherline Products is being used in other educational and industrial settings.

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NEW PRODUCT! (August 2016)

Our latest product is a 2″ Rigid-Column Spacer. These spacers are available in round and rectangular formats for the 2000-series mill and the 5400-series mill column bases with a 2000 ram, respectively. The round spacer on the left is designed to be used in conjunction with the 2000-series mill, while the rectangular spacer is meant to be used with either our Short and Tall 5400 Mill Column Bases with the 2000 Ram. Click the part number for product details on the round spacer P/N 56057 or here for the rectangular spacer P/N 50058.


Now available for Windows 10, 32b and 64b  For Windows® users only (6/6/16)

Use your own laptop or desktop via the USB port with Sherline’s CNC controller P/N 8760
New from dPP Engineering is this new USB CNC to LPT motion controller. This product contains a microprocessor which simulates a complete CNC controller program and thus elevates the processing load from the host computer. It is 100% LPT port pin-out compatible. This product works with either Artsoft’s MACH4 CNC software. A similar product works with Artsoft’s MACH3 and UC-CNC. Visit discountcampus.com for more information.

NEW PRODUCT! (May 2016)

3C Collet Headstock P/N 30113
Many of our customers over the years have requested a spindle and collet that would allow larger diameter stock to go through the headstock. With the 3C collet, our customers can now hold stock up to 1/2″ diameter that will pass through the headstock. The 3C Collet Headstock includes a 1″ spindle wrench (shank and collet not included, shown for reference only).


SHERLINE TO ATTEND 2016 DMEDS IN DEL MAR, CA (5/4/16 – 5/5/16)

The DMEDS is the Del Mar Electronics & Design Show. This event is a design and manufacturing show open to the public for electronics, medical and biotech industries located in Southern California with over 65 FREE seminars.

The expo will be held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, May 4-5, in the Bing Crosby and Exhibit Halls. We will be showing many of our new products and items from our industrial products division. Attendees must register, but admittance is FREE!

For more info on the expo, see the Del Mar Electronics & Design Show web site at www.mfgshow.com.



For all of you planning to attend the 2016 NAMES Expo April 23-24 in Wyandotte, please visit Sherline’s booth (58-61). We will be demonstrating our largest mill yet, the 5800 NexGen and more. For more info on the expo, see the North American Model Engineering Society web site at www.namesexposition.com/expo.

NEW PRODUCT! (February 2016)

Riser Plate for 8″ Crosslide P/N 1294
We designed the headstock riser plate P/N 12940 at the request of several of our customers who replaced our 6″ crosslide with the thicker 8″ crosslide P/N 60880 (manual) and P/N 67036 (CNC). Most of these customers are using our lathe as a chucker lathe with gang-tooling. By using this riser plate, we have raised the headstock to match the additional thickness of the 8″ crosslide. Therefore, all of our standard tool posts will now be on centerline with the headstock.


NEW PRODUCT! (January 2016)

5400 Mill Column Base with 2000 Ram P/N 5640 (Short), P/N 5645 (Tall)
These rigid columns are designed for those who have a 5400-series mill. Each comes with the 2000-series ram and gives the versatility of Sherline’s 2000-series mill column with it’s large work area and seven directions of movement. The tall column provides more Z-clearance.


NEW PRODUCT! (January 2016)

Rigid Mill Column Bases for 2000 Mills P/N 5605 (Short), P/N 5606 (Tall)
For those who want the versatility of Sherline’s 2000/2010 mill column with it’s large work area and multiple directions of movement but have experienced unwanted column rotation during extreme machining loads on the 2000 mill, this new column offers another option. The one-piece column absolutely prevents that from happening, although you do give up the ability to rotate the column ram from side-to-side.

NEW PRODUCT! (November 2015)

NexGen Vertical Mill P/N 5800/5810
Starting in November, 2015 Sherline Products is proud to introduce its latest Vertical Milling machine. With the increase of popularity of Sherline mills in industrial, laboratory, and school training environments the need to produce larger parts has led to the development of an extended capacity milling machine. Sherline’s NexGen Mills are available in Manual, CNC-Ready, and full CNC configurations.

The new NexGen Mill has the following standard features:

  • Extra-Rigid Column Base
  • 15″ Extended Column Bed
  • 18″ Extended Mill Table
  • 18″ Mill Base
  • 7″ x 13″ Tooling Plate (3 T-slots, Alignment Pins)
  • Y-axis covers—Mill Accordion Way Cover Set and extended 12″ brass rear leadscrew cover

Other standard features include oilers on the X-, Y- and Z-axes to keep the column leadscrew and base saddle leadscrews and ways lubricated during extended CNC operations. In addition, backlash is adjustable on X-, Y- and Z-axes. Adjustable tapered plastic gibs provide a way to accommodate wear on the aluminum and steel dovetailed slides on all three axes.

Lathe headstock is shown for reference only, and is not included.
Lathe headstock is shown for reference only, and is not included.

NEW PRODUCT! (September 2015)

Lathe Headstock Hard Stop Kit P/N 40116
Starting in August, 2015 every Sherline headstock now includes the holes to add an optional hard stop. A hole through the headstock base allows the hard stop rod to be set to contact the lathe table, providing a hard stop for the Z axis during turning operations. For those who have an older Sherline lathe and want to add the hard stop, the kit includes instructions with dimensions on where your headstock case will need to be drilled to accept the rod and locking thumbscrew. Kit includes 4″ hard stop rod, 8″ hard stop rod and a 10-32 x 5/8” thumbscrew (lathe headstock purchased separately).

NEW PRODUCT! (June 17, 2015)

5C or ER collet to Sherline Chuck Arbors P/N 1065 and 1066
Install a Sherline 3-jaw or 4-jaw chuck in your full-size 1/2″ or 5/8″ lathe collet in seconds! These adapters have a straight shank that will slip into the collet and a 3/4-16 thread on the other end to hold any Sherline 2.5″ or 3.1″ chuck. Shanks are available to fit 1/2″ (P/N 10660) or 5/8″ collets (P/N 10650). When you are done with the job, just remove the chuck and arbor and go back to using your collets.