Sherline Dealers Wanted

Who Sells Sherline Tools?

If you are now advertising and selling to customers who need small, custom, precision parts in metal, wood or plastic, you are reaching potential Sherline tool customers. Sherline is always looking for ways to reach new customers through its dealer program. We are looking for new dealers in the USA and in every country in the world.

Sherline Dealer Catagories

  • Metalworking and Woodworking tool suppliers
  • Industrial Tooling and Equipment Suppliers
  • Hobby Shops
  • Internet Tool Sales Sites
  • Penmaking Tool Suppliers
  • Precision Measuring Instrument Suppliers
  • Educational Products Distributors
  • Laboratory Equipment Suppliers
  • Gunsmith Tool Suppliers
  • Clockmaking Tool and Supply Specialists
  • Camera Repair Tool Sellers
  • Jewelry Supply Sources
  • Farm and Ranch Tool and Equipment Suppliers
  • Sellers to serious craftsmen in just about any hobby or job you can think of…R/C cars, planes, and boats, model railroading, ship modelers, dollhouse miniatures, super detailed or scratch-built models, architectural model makers, inventors, prototypers, knifemakers, etc.

Customer-Oriented Marketing

Sherline’s outstanding reputation in small machine tools has been achieved not only by offering high-quality tools at a fair price but also by thirty years of devoted customer service. Word-of-mouth is still the largest source of new Sherline customers. In our dealers, we are looking for people and organizations with that same attitude. An appreciation of good tools and their use is a definite plus, as you will be dealing with some of the world’s best craftsmen.

Made in the USA



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Sherline tools are made to very high standards here in our own plant in Southern California. We maintain control of every possible process from the first cut to the laser-engraved marking on the finish. That means we not only control the overall quality of the product, we also have better control over our inventory. In most cases, dealer orders are shipped the same day for morning orders or the next day for orders after noon. Since we can quickly reconfigure our CNC manufacturing equipment, an unexpectedly high demand for a certain part can be accommodated in a matter of days, not weeks or months as can happen with products coming from other countries.

Large Potential Market

Sherline tools have been sold in the USA and around the world for almost thirty years. The tools are applicable to many markets, from model makers to specialized repair occupations to industrial use. There are many niche markets that are still relatively untapped. In addition, the aging of the “baby boomer” generation is a definite plus for these tools, as many of our customers are people who have recently retired and now have the time to pursue the hobbies they have long dreamed about. Though they now have the time, they are often limited in shop space, so small tools make a lot of sense.

Because we have designed all our accessories to fit every machine we have ever made, you also have a potential market of forty to fifty thousand existing Sherline machines now in use with owners who are potential customers for new accessories. That number grows every year.

Informative Website

Our large website offers a lot of information to your customers and is a good source for providing you with a better-informed buyer, ready to order. We provide a free dealer listing with a direct link to your website to send business your way. Our “Frequently Asked Questions” page can be a good source of information for both you and your customer, and our price lists are always up to date. Instructions for all our machines and accessories are posted there too in case a customer has a question about what an accessory does or how he would use it. We are told it is one of the most informative and best-organized sites anywhere on the web.

Trade Shows


Sherline attends several model and trade shows a year as a manufacturer to help add exposure for the tool line, and we encourage our dealers to do the same.

Selling at trade shows and swap meets put the tools where potential customers can see and touch them. Sherline demonstrations attract a lot of attention to your booth. The photo to the left shows Jim Walburn of Nothin’ Specific Company¬†at a model show in Oregon. With Sherline’s help, he produced special graphics to help him promote sales of Sherline tools.

Advertising and Graphic Support



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We invest many thousands of dollars every year in widely varied markets to make the Sherline name even better known. We also attend trade shows to let people try out the machines first-hand. You will get customers who are asking for the Sherline name. We can also provide you with color catalogs or single-page color flyers for your customers.

Free Product Photos Available

We also support you with high-quality product photography for your own ads or website. We can supply you with a CD-ROM of JPEG ¬†product photography that makes building a website easy. High-quality TIFF images are also available upon request for printed pieces and catalogs. We’ll even help you with the descriptive copy.

One-Year Warranty

All Sherline products are backed by a one-year factory warranty. We repair or replace items in our own service department, so once you have made the sale, any rare problems that arise can be referred directly to us.

Worldwide Product Acceptance

No matter what country you are selling from or to, Sherline tools are designed for the world market. They feature a DC Motor and speed control package that is designed to accept any current available around the world from 100 VAC in Japan to 240 VAC in Europe, 50 Hz or 60 Hz. All you need is the right wall plug, no separate transformer. We also make all our tools and accessories in a choice of inch or metric markings at no difference in cost. With the Internet, no matter what the size of your operation, the world is now your market.

Low Minimum Annual Order

To remain on active status as a dealer you need only purchase two machines initially and two machines each year thereafter. It seems unlikely that anyone would bother to become a dealer with the intent of selling less than two machines a year, but this policy is in place simply to assure that our active dealer list is kept up to date as well as to discourage those who apply to become a dealer just to buy one machine for themselves at a discount and have no intent on supporting the line in the future.

Take Delivery Yourself or Have Us Ship It to Your Customer for You



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Our maximum discount is offered for those who wish to buy in quantity and ship the product worldwide from your own facility. Our purpose is to encourage dealers to stock our machines and make them available for customers to see and try before purchasing and for quick local delivery. We also offer a drop ship program with no minimum order, however, the discount rate is lower. On the other hand, you invest nothing but the time and space to list the product and take the order. Call us and we take it from there. We ship your order within 24-48 hours directly from the factory whether it goes to you or directly to your customer anywhere in the USA. For you, that means no packaging, no shipping, and no inventory. With credit approval, net 30-day terms are available. For our dealers in other countries, you can choose to have us ship an order to you or directly to your customer anywhere in your country.

Sherline has no minimum on orders. You can order as much or as little as you like. However, after October 1, 2003, dealers must purchase a minimum of one machine per order (or the equivalent) in order to achieve the maximum discount rate. The first order as a dealer must include two machines or the equivalent. All other orders, (orders that do not include a machine) whether shipped directly to the dealer of drop shipped will be subject to the lower of our two discount levels. Each dealer must purchase a minimum of two machines per year in order to remain on active status as a Sherline dealer. Actual discount rates are disclosed only after a dealer has applied and been accepted. There is no cost to apply.

How to Become a Dealer

It is easy to apply to become a Sherline dealer. All you have to do is tell us in writing that you want to sell Sherline tools and state briefly how you intend to do so. A letter of intent and a copy of your local business or resale license is all it takes to get started. You can order immediately with a credit card or get credit approval for 30-day terms within a few weeks of providing standard business and bank credit references. Send your letter on your company letterhead and a copy of your license to Sherline using any the contact means listed below (email, fax, or regular mail). If you are not required to have a business license or tax resale license in your area, just state so in the letter.

Domestic Inquiries:
Attention Kat Powell

International Inquiries:
Attention Kim Kapple

Whether you sell from a single shop, a huge chain of stores, a mailed catalog or an e-commerce site, you can profit from the popularity of Sherline tools. If you are in the San Diego area, please plan to visit our factory and see how the machines are made.

Contacting Sherline Products



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