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Sherline makes a number of accessories to make your job easier. Shown below are some of the chuck arbors, gear-cutting arbors, and 10.0 mm collet pot chucks. In addition, we offer a selection of WW collets, a tailstock WW collet adapter as well as adapters that allow you to use our 3- and 4-jaw chucks on your jeweler’s or watchmaker’s lathe. Take advantage of the versatility of the Sherline system of tools and accessories. If you’re looking for a new lathe or ways to make your old lathe more versatile, check out all that Sherline has to offer.

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Depthing attachment shown on a 5400 mill.
Horological Milling Machine Bushing and Depthing Accessory

The basic concept of this accessory is to use a small milling machine to do the job of several specialized clock and watch repair machines. With the Sherline mill, you can maneuver and align your clock and watch parts easily and accurately. You can also machine your parts more accurately in regards to the size and location of your bushing hole. When the machine work is done you can also use your milling machine as a manual press to insert your bushing. This accessory also makes depthing easier and more precise, allowing you to locate your gear exactly where you want it. You can also check the gear mesh with the mating gear and then machine your bushing hole exactly where you want it to be. By using the Horological Bushing and Depthing Accessory in conjunction with your Sherline mill, you now have a three-in-one clock and watch repair machine that is also a fully functional milling machine.

The W. R. Smith T-rest turns a Sherline lathe into a first-class clockmaker’s lathe. The T-rest supports a hand-held “graver,” the traditional metal turning tool of watch- and clock makers. Click on image for more info.
W. R. Smith T-Rest

A T-rest is used by watchmakers to support a hand-held cutting tool called a “graver”. World-renowned watch- and clockmaker, William R. Smith has designed a T-rest especially for the Sherline lathe. It is constructed of solid steel and clamps to the lathe’s bed in seconds. If you are interested in watch or clock repair or construction but wanted a tool system more versatile and less expensive than a jeweler’s lathe, this T-rest makes a Sherline lathe a most attractive choice.

A graver can also be used by any metalworker for hand turning unique shapes on the lathe. It looks similar to a small wood-turning tool and is used in a similar fashion while rested on the T-rest. To learn more about using the T-rest and about how to make your own graver, see the links below.

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Slitting Saw Holder

Jeweler’s slitting saws are small, circular, metal cutting saw blades that are used for machining thin slots. The Sherline slitting saw holder is designed to mount jeweler’s slitting saw blades with 1/2″ diameter mounting holes. Sawblades are available through a large network of industrial suppliers. (See our “cutting tools price list” for sizes offered by Sherline.) The slitting saw holder has a #1 Morse taper and mounts directly into the spindle. A drawbolt and thrust washer are also included.

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Live Center

The Sherline lathe comes equipped with two dead centers. One has a #1 Morse taper and fits the headstock, and the other has a #0 Morse taper and fits into the tailstock. These centers are used for holding parts that are mounted “between centers”. This system of mounting work in a lathe has been in use for many years. However, since the tailstock center is held stationary and does not turn with the part, it is a point of friction and requires frequent oiling and attention. Also, because of thermal expansion caused by friction-generated heat, the pressure of the tailstock center must be checked frequently. This is especially important for parts made from thermal plastic materials which have a tendency to soften and even melt as a result of the heat.

The Sherline live center is designed to eliminate these problems. The center is ball-bearing mounted so that it can rotate with the part. This reduces wear and heat and makes machining much more pleasant. The sealed bearings are permanently lubricated and require no maintenance.

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Live centers to fit tailstocks on watchmaker’s lathes. Left: 8.0 mm shank, right: 10.0 mm shank. Click on image for more info.
Collet-to-Live Center

These parts are not designed to fit Sherline lathes, but rather are made for watchmaker’s or jeweler’s lathes that have tailstocks that accept 8.0 mm or 10.0 mm collets.

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WW versions shown, 10.0 mm versions look similar. Left: 1-1/4″ pot chuck P/N 2102 or 2105, middle: 1″ pot chuck P/N 2101 or 2104, right: 3/4″ pot chuck, P/N 2100 or 2103. Each includes a 1/8″ pin that is closed on while the collet is turned to size on the lathe. Click on image for more info.
Collet Pot Chucks

These collets can be easily machined and are specially designed to hold larger and odd shaped parts. A 1/8″ (3.17mm) dowel pin is included with the collet to close on while the face is being machined. The face is drilled 3/16″ deep or less and then bored to exact size to make what is, in effect, a custom chuck for parts too big to be held in regular WW collets. They are used with WW collet adapter and drawbar. See P/N 1161.

NOTE: Collet pot chucks are designed to hold material only on the face end, not through the collet. Maximum gripping depth is 3/16″ (4.8mm).
Sherline also makes a WW collet with a 1″ blank that is deeper than the pot chucks and is not split. It can also be modified to hold tools or parts for special tasks. See P/N 2083.

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Left: P/N 2094, middle: P/N 2095, right: P/N 2096. Click on image for more info.
Clockmaker’s Gear-Cutting Arbors

P/N 2095 and 2096 are primarily designed to be used on watchmaker’s lathes that accept 8.0 mm or 10.0 mm “D” collets. The P/N 2094 Gearcutting Arbor with its #1 Morse taper is designed for use on your Sherline Lathe. With use of a P/N 1156 8mm Adapter, the P/N 2096 8mm arbor can also be used on Sherline lathes, although the normal system for mounting chucks is recommended.

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Adapters are available to hold Sherline chucks (3/4-16 thread) and Jacobs drill chucks (3/8-24 thread) on non-Sherline lathes. The ends are made to fit watchmaker’s lathes that take 8.0 mm or 10.0mm “D” collets. Left to right are P/N 2090, 2091, 2092 and 2093. Click on image for more info.
Sherline Collet-to-Thread Chuck Adapters

These arbors are not designed to be used on Sherline lathes, but rather are specifically suited to the types of lathes often used by jewelers and watchmakers. Though highly accurate, these machines are often not very versatile.
The 3/4″-16 Arbors provide a way to mount a Sherline 3-jaw or 4-jaw chuck to this type of lathe. The 3/8″-24 arbors allow a 1/4″ or 3/8″ Drill Chuck to be mounted. The ability to mount these chucks adds a great deal of versatility to this type of special purpose tool.

CLICK HERE for a helpful tip regarding modifying a chuck adapter for use in clock and watchmaking.

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Other Uses for Sherline Chucks

A customer is using a Sherline 3-jaw chuck on a variable-speed motor with taper shafts as a “lathe” setup for his custom jewelry business.

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