TIP 24--Using the threading attachment with the motor in place/Marcus Carius

(Click on photo for larger image.)

Marcus didn't like removing the lathe motor and speed control each time he wanted to use his threading attachment. His photo above shows how he is able to leave it in place while cutting threads. By swinging the primary support shaft to the front instead of to the rear, he could use the same gear combinations as before, but they are a mirror image of the ones in the chart. To allow the large handwheel to clear the motor, he turned an aluminum extension that fits on the spindle. Marcus does offer one big precaution however...UNPLUG THE MOTOR WHEN USING THIS SETUP!* This geartrain was not designed to be driven at high speed. He accidentally turned it on once with the gears connected and things got a little busy.

This idea was suggested some time ago on the Sherline Yahoogroup by Flosi Gudmundsson of Iceland and Marcus put it into practice and sent the photos. For a lot of valuable information on using Sherline tools by the people who are actually using them, subscribe to the Sherline users group at

*A tip from Douglas Swink...

Douglas has a solution for making sure there is no power to the motor when doing this and other hand operations. He purchased a small on/off footswitch from the Leichtung Tool Catalog for about $16.00 (P/N 908190). This is not a speed control, but just an on/off switch that plugs into the wall and the machine is plugged into the switch. Once when working on a big lathe he got a glove caught in a chip and almost lost a hand. After that he looked for a quick hands-off way to to shut down a machine and came up with this footswitch. (Hopefully he also stopped wearing gloves!) It will work well with this setup to make sure you can't accidentally switch on the motor with the threading gears engaged.



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