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5326 Sherline Assembly and Instruction Guide


Sherline Assembly and Instruction Guide, 8th Edition

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About the Sherline Assembly and Instruction Guide

The eighth edition of Sherline’s Assembly and Instruction Guide is included with each lathe or mill purchased. It includes safety rules for power tools, assembly and setup of new lathes and mills and a brief course in machining for beginners. This is without a doubt the most comprehensive instruction manual included with any machine tool, regardless of size. Also included are helpful exploded views and part number listings for the lathes and mills that are very helpful when ordering replacement parts.

8-1/2″ x 11″, softbound,56 pages, full color.

Download the Instruction Manual

Lost your manual? Bought a used Sherline machine that didn’t come with one? CLICK HERE to download a free PDF copy of the 56-page Sherline Miniature Machine Tools Assembly and Instruction Guide.

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