Do I have to use your stepper motor mount and coupling?

Yes, you will have to use our stepper motor mount assembly. Because we have the ends of our ball leadscrew machined to fit the tapered end of our coupling, the end of the ball screw will not fit any other style of coupling. We also preload the bearings in the factory so we are sure that they are done right and that the amount of backlash is at a minimum.

Can I use the Y-axis accordion covers from my original machine?

No, they will not work with the new mill saddle and ball leadscrews.

Can I use my own stepper motors?

Yes, if the stepper motors have a NEMA 23 frame, then they will fit on our stepper motor mount. Our coupling has a 1/4″ hole for the stepper motor shaft. If your shaft size is different, we can probably accommodate you with a custom coupling.