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5306 Machine Shop Trade Secrets


Machine Shop Trade Secrets by James A. Harvey

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About Machine Shop Trade Secrets

Subtitled “A Guide to Manufacturing Machine Shop Practices,” this book gets into the down and dirty side of working in a real-world machine shop. The author is a full-time machinist and injection mold maker with over 30 years of machine shop experience behind him. Mr. Harvey takes a little different approach to the subject than most books, and his conversational style is similar to Joe Martin’s in that you feel like you are talking to a machinist, not a professor.

He covers subjects like quality, finding the easy way to do things, cutters, rotary tables, threading, mold making tips, grinders and CNC. There is also a chapter on shop math and an “Odds and Ends” chapter that explains common engineering terms like “Tensile Strength,” “Stress” and other areas like “things we’d like to see.” Whatever your level of experience, this guide can make you a better machinist. It will show you faster, surer ways of machining and give you some forehead-slapping advice that will make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

8-1/2″ x 11″, softbound, black and white, 312 pages, many black and white photos.

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